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Aviosys 9258 DS 1U Rackmount Remote Power Switch w Ping

Aviosys 9258 DS 1U Rackmount Remote Power Switch w Ping
The Aviosys IP Power 9258DS 1U Rackmount Remote Power Switch with Ping, has now been replaced by the New IP Power 9820 Lite !
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"1U 18" Rackmount RPC device with a special Dual Switch design, Built in Hub, Scheduler, and More. This Powerful device comes with great quality and reliability at a cost efficient price."

The IP Power 9258 DS is a state of the art Power Distribution Unit (PDU) & Remote Power Control (RPC) system. It is a versatile device that has many commercial and domestic uses. The 9258 DS can be used for various applications including: Power Management, Server Management, Internet Controllable Timer, System Integration and much more. It is also perfect for Home Automation allowing you to control your heating and lighting and other home systems from your laptop or smartphone.

This device allows you to control up to 8 separate devices via the internet. By using a web browser, you can remotely control the power of the 9258 DS from virtually anywhere. It can be easily accessed over the internet through a simple web app hosted directly on the machine itself.

You can connect Servers or PCs, Heating Equipment lights, CCTV video camera, power supplies, garden sprinkler systems and many other devices that require Mains power. Whether you are in a different room or in a different country you will be able to turn on or off your equipment over your Local Area Network or via the Internet. This is perfect for maintaining and monitoring holiday homes while away and rebooting a security camera in the house that is not responding for example. Even if you do not live in the country you will be able to control your essential electrical equipment.

The 9258DS connects to your network switch or router via a RJ45 Cat5 Ethernet Network cable.

As with all 9258 products, telnet login is possible.

What makes this device different from other PDU�s is that it has a dual switch design.
Unlike other PDU or RPC units the 9258 DS is completely safe. The dual switch design cuts off the power and will eliminate any most electrical threats that other systems may have.

This device has an e-mail function that can be used in various scenarios and conditions. When a power port is activated or deactivated, the device will send an email. When the scheduler is used the device will also send emails when ports are activated or deactivated allowing you to monitor the time and date of your device status changes directly within your email.

If you need to buy Remote Power Switches with a multi user account login system that allows you to change and manage different user accounts so that users can access specific devices or ports - please see the 9258HP CLICK HERE

If you need an adapter that convert the IEC 320 Male Computer / Kettle to Universal Plug, we sell them. CLICK HERE
( IEC 320 is an international electrical connections standard, older A/V connections and DIN power supplies also now comply with IEC standards - for more info CLICK HERE

If you require the 9258 model but with wireless functionality if you can't run your Cat5 wire to the unit please CLICK HERE Please note that the wireless 9258 Wifi does not have the full feature set of the 9258 DS.

Buy the 9258DS as a perfect cost effective solution to your power management needs!

Aviosys IP Power 9258 DS
2 X Power cables
Tools and Manual on CD
2 pcs - type - U/C GFE 10A 250V ( PF ) - packed inside the deavice ( at rear)

3 Years

Hardware Specification
* Total Input power up to 15A/110V or 10A/240V
*Input Frequency: 50/60 Hz full range
*Dimension: 440x235x40 mm 1.8kg
*Reliability testing Certification MBTF 200,000 hrs +
*Operating temperature range: 0 - 50 degrees Celsius.

Dual Switch Design for extra safety and protection
HUB function four 4 RJ45 connections
Auto-ping (Watch dog) Device Auto Restart / Reboot.
Supports: RJ45(HUB), TCP/IP, Http API, Web Server, SMTP Server, DDNS, Log file, CNT, XML
8 Power control output
2 Main power inputs.
1 RS232 port for System Integration.
Design Pressure System: Prevent interference with power noise design. (Second stage isolation)
Scheduler System for date sensitive control
Http commands through Internet
Log Capability
CNT Technology: No Port Forwarding Needed in Router � Just Plug & Play
IP Service: Easily Find your device on the internet without having to remember complicated IP�s
Light Aluminum Design

- Ethernet environment
- A PC with ethernet connection to your network to set up the device on your Network. Once the set up is completed the PC is no longer required for the 9258 DS to operate.
- Something to switch on/off such as appropriate 110-240V AC device or Low voltage DC devices

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Peter W., Rated: 5

Fantastic product.

These are great and extremely robust power cycler units. fantastic for installing in remote sites with limited access. have purchased several of them. all working great. setup is really straight forward and easy. the ping and reboot setup is very useful, and can be a real life saver. would recommend. in-built switch is also useful for test set-ups.

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