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2WIRE Home Portal 2700HG Wireless ADSL Modem/Router

2WIRE Home Portal 2700HG Wireless ADSL Modem/Router
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The 2Wire 2700HG is a wireless base station for the home or small office network.
It's really easy to set up - just connect your ADSL phone line to this device and you can share your broadband wirelessly to as many wirelessly-enabled devices as you like.
You can also connect up to 4 computers or devices with Ethernet cable, such as a broadband IP phone, XBox 360 or Playstation 3 to the 2700HG.
You can adjust the wireless range of the unit to suit your situation - don't let walls get in your way!

- 2WIRE Home Portal 2700HG Wireless ADSL Modem/Router
- UK Power Supply

NOTE: No network cables or CD included.

No drivers or software are required to install and configure the 2700HG. It is simply configured using Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Click here to visit our support site's quick installation guide.

Click here to visit the 2Wire website.

1 Year

Local Network Interfaces
- Ethernet 10/100 with Auto-crossover (1 or 4-port RJ-45)
- Wireless 802.11g or high powered HyperG access point

ADSL Modem
- DSLAM interoperability: Alcatel, Lucent AnyMedia, Lucent Stinger, Cisco, AFC, Adtran, Catena, ECI, Copper Mountain, Nokia
- ANSI and ETSI loops

- 802.11g wireless access point, backwards compatible with 802.11b
- 10 power settings available through gateway user interface, up to 400mW, for both 802.11b and 802.11g, configurable via CMS remote management
- WEP64, 128, WPA, 802.1x
- Multi SSID

Broadband Network Interfaces
- Integrated 2Wire ADSL modem ADSL 1, ADSL2, ADSL2 RE, ADSL2+ (1 RJ-11)
- Ethernet 10/100 with Auto-crossover (1 RJ-45)

Web Server
- Supports most popular ALGs: HTTP, FTP, H.323, FTP, AIM, MSGAMES, DIABLO, IPSEC-IKE/ESP, IRC, MSN, PPTP, RTP, RTSP and SIP Software Tools and Diagnostics
- Bulletin Messaging system integrated with 2Wire CMS for subscriber messaging
- Network Support Tool monitors and fixes email and browser application settings

- Simple Web-based user interface for easy configuration and diagnostics
- Quick summary page with shortcuts to most commonly used features

Network Protocol Support
- Support up to 8 ATM PVCs in any configuration
- IPv4, IPv6 capable, TCP, UDP, ARP, ICMP
- DHCP client/server, DNS client/server, HTTP client and server
- Single IP and multi-IP support
- Multicast IGMP Proxy, IGMP Snooping
- PPPoE, PPPoA, PAP, CHAP, RFC 2684/1483 Ethernet
- Support up to 8 PPP links and up to 8 PVCs
- 802.1x broadband network authentication

Diagnostics and Management
- Remote management and provisioning via SSL connection from 2Wire�s Component Management System (CMS) (DSL Forum TR-069)
- Supports TR-069 extensions WT-104 (VoIP provisioning) and WT-098 (QoS provisioning)
- Integrated gateway-based diagnostics automatically intervene during error conditions and intercept subscriber Web requests and provide self-guided resolutions
- ATM Ping, DNS Ping, ICMP Ping, Traceroute
- Web-based remote gateway technician view and remote management
- Multi-color indicator lights that monitor your connection and assist with troubleshooting

- Integrated firewall includes stateful packet inspection (Layer 4) and local IP spoofing verification
- Supports stealth mode operation
- Unique signed security certificate manufactured into each gateway for TR-069 management authentication NAT/PAT Support
- Standard NAT/PAT between LAN and WAN
- Automated NAT Pass-Thru for LAN client-initiated VPN tunnels (IPSec, PPTP, L2TP), SIP, H.323, RTP
- Easy to configure NAT pass-through (pinholes) for common applications (games, servers, etc.)
- DMZplus for automatic WAN IP assignment to a local PC

Software Upgrade
- Secure TR-069 upgrade procedure via 2Wire CMS

Standard Hardware Features
- TR-068 compliant industrial design and LED indicators
- Built-in wall mounting keyholes for subscriber mounting capability
- UK power supply

Operating Environment
- Temperature: 0c to 40c
- Humidity: 15% to 80%, non-condensing
- Altitude: 0' � 8,000' MSL

- ADSL (broadband over a phone line) connection to the internet (BT, AOL, Tiscali, TalkTalk, Bulldog, Orange etc.)
- 802.11b/g wireless adapter, or Ethernet adapter and cable for each computer to connect to the router. Some computers and consoles have wireless connectivity built-in - check the user manual if you're not sure.

If you would like some advice before you purchase, please click here to send us a message using our sales enquiry form. Let us know what kind of computers/consoles you'd like to connect, and the name of your broadband service provider - a member of the Digidave team will be in touch with you ASAP with product recommendations.

Customer Reviews (view all)

Average Rating 5

Alastair Measures, Rated: 5

Highly recommended

On my rural ADSL line it gives me a massively improved connection speed over previous routers (2Mbit after 450Kbit).

This is less surprising since BT bundles these to business customers buying ADSL services. It also makes it very hard for your ISP to criticise your choice of router!

Highly configureable and flexible - will probably buy more for clients and friends as needed.

David Smith, Rated: 5


Bought this from digidave ebay site about eight months ago found it more complicated than I'd thought getting set up but digidave was very helpful. Now I can surf the web in comfort on my laptop in the living room while the 2700HG works away quietly upstairs beside my desktop. I also have a studio at the end of the garden (about 40feet from the back door) and have no problem with internet access even out there. A great piece of kit for a great price! PC World and Comet want over £50 for the same sort of hardware!

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