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Aviosys IP Power 9258S Web Power Switch - Remote PDU - UK Cable

Aviosys IP Power 9258S Web Power Switch - Remote PDU - UK Cable
The Aviosys 9258S is a Remote Power Switch that allows you to control the mains power to up to 4 devices via the internet or your local network through any web browser.
Our Price: GBP110.99

The Aviosys 9258S is a perfect power control solution for saving both time and money, reducing your energy bills and avoid potential device damage from power surges and power outages. The Aviosys IP Power 9258S is a 4 port Power Distribution Unit (PDU) & Remote Power Control (RPC) system which allows you to control the power supply to up 4 mains power outlets. Alternatively, set the timer to reboot at a certain date and time. It is particularly useful when you need to restart an unresponsive server that is in a remote site or location thus avoiding those ineffiicient call out journeys. Buy the 9258S as a perfect cost effective solution to your power management needs and you will save time and money!!

This product does not need to be connected to a PC / Monitor. With it's built-in web server you simply connect the 9258S to your router using a Cat5 ethernet cable and you can then access the interface remotely through your web browser. It uses international standard IEC 320 Inlet/Outlet connectors that make it easy to use anywhere in the world.

This device has an e-mail function that can be used in various scenarios and conditions. When a power port is activated or deactivated, the device will send an email. When the scheduler is used the device will also send emails when ports are activated or deactivated allowing you to monitor the time and date of your device status changes directly within your email.

- Built in Web Server connects the 9258 directly to your router so no need to connect through a PC
- IEC 320 Inlet/Outlet connectors are an International standard and so this unit can be deployed anywhere in the world
- Protocols supported include HTTP, DHCP and IP
- Password protection
- Watchdog / Event log design
- Timer / Scheduler allows you to automate rebooting of your servers or other devices
- HTTP commands and SDK allow for integration directly into your webpage
- Firmware Updates are available online
- Support for SNMP, Telnet, WAP, DDNS
- Email Alerts sent to your email address notifying you of status changes.

The Aviosys 9258S Remote Power Switch is a versatile device that has many commercial and domestic uses. It will offer you the ability to reboot devices such as servers or routers that have crashed or are non-responsive. But it is also perfect for Home Automation and Security.

You can connect heaters, lights, CCTV video cameras, garden sprinkler systems and many other devices that require Mains power. Whether you are in a different room or in a different country you will be able to turn on or off your equipment over your Local Area Network or via the Internet. This is perfect for maintaining and monitoring holiday homes while away and rebooting a security camera in the house that is not responding for example. Even if you do not live in the country you will be able to control your essential electrical equipment.

These products can be controlled over your network and Internet using a simple web app that works directly within your browser.
Since the interface works within the browser directly you can access your 9258S using iphone or Android smart phones or web browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari.
Using the web application each independent outlet can be switched ON, OFF or Booted (OFF- delay-ON).

- IP 9258S Remote Power Switch ( Aso Known as Remote PDU, or Power Distribution Unit, new and in perfect working condition )

- Ethernet Cable ( 1 Meter CAT5 Network Ethernet Cable for connecting to Router. Crossover Cable required if connecting directly to a PC )

- Set-up Installation CD

- UK Power Cord (1 Meter Kettle Lead UK 3 Pin Plug AC Mains Power Supply - IEC C13 connects the 9258 C14 coonection at the back of the device )
- 1 Page Quick Install Sheet

- SDK included on CD for integrating the 9258S into your existing systems

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

- A Linux based server
- Embedded Web Server -No PC needed for the unit to operate
- 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Network Access(RJ45 Jack)
- IEC 320 Connector design, 1 of Male type Inlet (power in), 4 of Female type Outlet
- Timer Power Switch -- can preset the time schedule to turn power ON/OFF through Internet / Ethernet.
- WAP Mobile Phone Control -- can use the GPRS cell phone via WAP to control
- Open Code Customization -- provided Source Code for user to modify to fit its own system application.
- Support Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
- Support DDNS - for controlling remote devices which connect to the net via a dynamic IP address provided by the ISP.
- Email support, if the IP address changes an email will be sent automatically
- Wake-on-LAN (WoL): To reboot the Server/PC safely (refer user manual page 18 for further detail).

Power schedule:
- Set schedule for each output individually
- Reboot at a certain date and time,
- Select the action: turn ON, turn OFF or Turn OFF/ON
- Select frequency: once off, daily, week days, week-end

- HTTP Command - allows end-user to easily modify their own Webpage by adding links that send http commands to the IP Power9258S
- Total power control up to 10A/120VAC, 10A/240VAC, 7A/250VAC.
- Maximum of 6A per device
- RS232 for UART control
- Dimension 220mmx120mmX45mm, Metal CASE design, If require a 1U Rack Mount unit please see the 9258 DS 9258 DS or the 9258 Pro models
- Operating Conditions: 0 degrees C to 55 degrees C; Controller dissipates 5 watts max.

Regulatory Approvals:

- CE
- ROHS Compliant, (See for details)

For further detail, have a look at the manual: Manual for IP Power 9258S
Firmware updates available for download. Please contact CUSTOMER SUPPORT for more information.

- Wired Broadband hub, router or similar with free ethernet port
- Web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox
- Devices - either low voltage digital devices or full 220V - 240V mains powered electric equipment such as industrial machinery. Out of the box the connectors require devices to have a IEC C13 connection. If you have a UK 3 Pin plug you will also need IEC adapters. If you need an adapter that convert the IEC 320 Male Computer / Kettle to Universal Plug, we sell them. CLICK HERE

We are currently updating our support information for this product. If you have a question regarding the Aviosys 9258S please contact our CUSTOMER SUPPORT

Customer Reviews (view all)

Average Rating 5

Anonymous, Rated: 5

Good switch

Does the job. Easy to set up. Web interface is a bit basic but there's an Android app (PowerIP) that you can use to power stuff on and off directly or schedule times to turn things on and off.

Nick S, Rated: 5

Easy to install & control, outlets very close together

Bought this to replace a number of X10 home automation appliance modules & has done exactly what I needed. Was really easy to install & get working via the web interface (no need to install the software unless you particularly want to) and straightforward to control programatically via HTTP - a few lines of Python did the trick. Compared to X10, really responsive & much more reliable.

Be careful with the universal plug adaptors if you want to use normal UK 3 pin mains plugs with this power switch - whilst you can just about squeeze 4 of the adaptors into the 4 IEC outlets provided on the switch (and I mean squeeze!), you can't fit two standard plugs into adjacent outlets as the first one you plug in will overhang the second outlet. Not a problem for me as I was able to swap the plugs on my kit for rewireable IEC C14 plugs but something to bear in mind.

Anonymous, Rated: 5

IP Power 9258S Web controlled Power switch UK cable

I have been using this for a few months to control the power for a few devices at my workplace. The present firmware gives a simple interface, and apparently more features are promised for future releases.

So far I have simply used the device to reboot a machine that has become non-responsive. Connected from home, I have been able to instruct the device to cut the power to a machine, and restore power 10 seconds later. The machine powered up properly, saving me an hour in the car just to go to work to push a button.

This device has 4 power outlets, each controlled individually. Although the firmware is a bit limited at the moment, the 9258S is a very useful device, with all the basic features working well. It is much better value than most of the competitors I have been able to find. Definitely worth £99.99.

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